Facilitating Transfers and Sales of IPv4 Numbers and Protecting Legacy Internet Resources

IPv4 addresses are used to route most of the global Internet traffic.  The supply of IPv4 numbers available from the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and the other regional Internet registries (the RIRs) to assign and allocate to ISPs, cloud computing providers and other organizations is, effectively, drying up (referred to as IPv4 exhaustion).  IPv4 numbers are, therefore, valuable assets.

Buying and selling IP numbers requires marketplace participants to nimbly navigate rapidly changing Internet governance policies, marketplace norms and laws. The IPv4 market remains in its infancy. It is expected to evolve rapidly in the coming months when ARIN runs out of free numbers.

IPv4 Market Advisory Services

To enhance the services available to our clients, LB3 has created a separate business entity – Avenue4 LLC (“Avenue4”) – a special purpose consultancy dedicated to serving IPv4 market participants.  While Avenue4 is an affiliate of LB3, it is not a law firm and will not provide legal services.  Visit Avenue4 at www.Avenue4LLC.com.

Legal Services

Professionals in LB3’s IPv4 practice provide legal services related to the protection of Internet numbers, including resolution of conflicting claims to Internet assets and disputes with regional Internet registries.


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