Inside Wire Vol. 4 No. 1 (Tags: Optimization, Negotiation Strategy, European Wireless, USF, Surcharges, Service Quality)

  • LB3/ TC2
  • Ben Fox, Henry D. Levine, David Rohde, Colleen Boothby, James Blaszak
In this issue:
  • The Right Way to Cut Telecom Costs
  • Peeking at the Carriers’ Negotiation Playbook
  • From the TC2 Blog: Making the Most of the New European Mobile Roaming Price Caps
  • Will You Soon Be Seeing USF Surcharges on Your MPLS Bill?
  • Verizon Takes Surcharges to the Next Level
  • Sprint Wants (all of) Your Business. And You’re Going to Give It to Them
  • Verizon: Your Conference Call May be Monitored for “Service Quality”