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Driving Innovation and Cost Savings in Network and IT Infrastructure Deals

  • 11/10/2016
  • New York, NY

One-day LB3/TC2 conference on strategies for driving innovation, achieving cost savings and maximizing flexibility in Network and IT Infrastructure Deals

This annual event for large users is focused on maintaining best-in-class network and IT infrastructure deals and seeking the latest innovative services, solutions and approaches for delivering cost savings, enhanced operational efficiencies and improved user experience.

Our agenda includes:

  • SD-WAN/Hybrid WAN/Broadband Aggregation – The latest developments and strategies for procuring, realizing cost reductions and structuring transactions for this next gen network strategy
  • Innovation in Wireless and Mobile – Leading edge trends in mobile deals and strategies for driving savings and negotiating value-adding contract terms 
  • Keeping your spend under control – The most effective TEM, billing compliance and inventory management practices that best in class organizations deploy
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization in the Enterprise Network – Discussion of the innovative ways that enterprises will procure and implement cloud and virtualization services to promote efficiencies in their businesses in coming years
  • Managed Services and Outsourcing – Innovative strategies and best practices used by enterprises to source and structure outsourcing and managed services arrangements most effectively
  • Upgrading your existing contracts/terms to take advantage of newer services, including virtualization technologies and cloud services
  • Regulation in Next Gen Services – Take a look at the action in DC regulatory circles that will have an impact on the enterprise market and the pricing of next generation services that enterprises will be buying over the next few years
  • Key market trends – Where the market is heading for traditional carriers, OEMs and new players, including a discussion of pricing trends and leading edge commercial and contractual concepts

Clients and friends of LB3 and TC2 will receive a special rate and an additional discount for each subsequent registrant. We are limiting the number of attendees at this conference to enable discussion and networking, so please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that you can attend.